Monday, July 18, 2011

Guides to Organizing, and Our Intentions

We have some documents to share which we believe will clarify our intentions as to the type of ideas or responses we hope to produce here. The first pamphlet, created by Egyptian activists and entitled "How to Protest Intelligently," presents a reference for the type of document (clear, concise, discussing both demands and strategy) that we would to produce for September 17th:

If anyone knows of a complete translation, please inform us.

Of course, such practical documents are nothing new to acts of resistance; as evidence of this we submit the link below, which presents a wealth of information in the form of a substantial collection of such manuals, guides, etc. The task of reviewing such literature and extracting (and distilling) the most relevant and effective experience and advice is one we hope many will undertake prior to the 17th.

See in particular:

It is brief, and but one of many; we believe an expanded form (concerned more directly with the unique conditions of September 17th) could, for example, include, in addition to the links to further resources (for example on first aid and defense) a brief summation of key points under those headings as it relates to our needs. This would undoubtedly expand the size of the pamphlet, perhaps considerably so, but we think the benefit of having such information directly available warrants such an increase. As to format, we like the first pamphlet's use of annotated graphics to convey information. However, a survey of various techniques and discussion of those believed to be most effective is perhaps in order.

We envision a creation of a small pamphlet which is composed of two sections, one outlining our demands as well as general beliefs and strategies, and another with more specific tactical advice ("I have just been tear gassed, now what?") . We envision a correspondence between the two; what we want, and how we can get it.

We have in the past exhibited a troubling tendency to fall into the passions of diffuse and ineffectual abstractions and fancies, so we like the idea of having a relatively simple, measurable goal; we believe that other, more grand and less exact things may emerge as we work towards this initial goal, but even if they do not, at least we know progress is being made on our original intentions: everything else is a welcomed gift out the rich, ever-expanding soils and arduous plough-pushings of vigilant toil).

Thus in the spirit of that which is exact and actionable, we ask the following: what types of information (or sections of information) do you believe such a pamphlet should include, and why (if you like you can present examples of how this information has been effectively conveyed by activists in the past)?

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